We are in the business of printing and mailing for real estate investors like yourself. We have partnered to provide turnkey mailing services for you.

Buyers on Fire has a specific 7-Step mailing system that they teach their students. This system consist of five postcards, and two letters, ideally mailed over a 30 day period. However, we realize that not everyone has the budget to mail that aggressively. So we have set up the system so you can order anywhere from one, to seven mailings, and you can space them out as you see fit.

We want to be clear. Buyers on Fire has done extensive testing with the system, and they have received response rates as high as 35% total for the 7-Step mailing system, when executed exactly as laid out. But every market is different, every list is different, and we cannot guarantee any level of results.

Why would you mail the same letter or postcard, to the same list?

Frequency Improves Results!

It is a proven fact that it takes multiple contacts for a lot of people to respond to a mailing. Think about the numbers. If your first mailing gets you a 2% response, that means only two out of 100 people respond. 98 did not respond. Just because 98 did not respond does not mean they are not interested in your offer. It may mean they didn't see the mail, didn't open it, were not interested at that time, their spouse got it and threw it away, the post man did not deliver it, it went to the wrong house, they're in a bad mood the day they got it, it was at the bottom of the pile of mail and they just missed it, etc.

Plus there is another dynamic; branding. When a person sees a marketing message multiple times, it builds familiarity, which builds trust. It's the same concept as when you see a commercial airing over and over again on the same channel. The more times you hit them, the better they feel they know you, even if they don’t really pay attention to the mailer.

Hitting them more than one time increases your chance of success dramatically. The reason Buyers on Fire's 7-Step system, when followed as designedt, works so well, is simple. The prospect is touched 7 times in a 30 day period. No one else in this market mails anywhere near that aggressively. That level of intense contact shows that you are very serious about making a deal for the person's house, and with 7 chances in a short period of time, the chances are good that you will at least get them to see the offer.

Your list has been transferred to the system.

You just uploaded a list into the Buyers on Fire system. That list has been automatically transferred to this system. (don't worry, your list is still saved in the Buyers on Fire system also.) Follow the directions below. It will lead you through the process of placing an order for your direct mail. We are located in St. Louis Missouri, which is ideal for distributing mail to anywhere in the United States. All the mailers you see on this website will be mailed first class mail. From St. Louis, it will take anywhere from 1 to 7 days, from the day the mail is dropped at the post office, to be delivered to the recipient. The farther away you are from St. Louis, the longer it will take.

What if you need to modify your list from the Buyers on Fire System after you already placed an order with us?

Often clients realize after they get far into the mailing process that they want to modify their list. Either they want to add more names, or reduce the number of names. If you find yourself in this position, do not worry. We can modify your list in any way prior to dropping the mail. Just let us know at the time you are reviewing your proofs that you need to make a change.

The prices you will see on this webpage will reflect the quantity that you just selected in the BOF system. But those prices can also be modified as the quantity of your list changes. Just give us a call and we will help you through the process.



250-499 $ 0.69 each
500-999 $ 0.59 each
1,000-2,499 $ 0.47 each
2,500-4,999 $ 0.42 each
5,000-9,999 $ 0.41 each
10,000-Up $ 0.40 each


250-499 $ 1.19 each
500-999 $ 1.15 each
1,000-2,499 $ 1.04 each
2,500-4,999 $ 0.97 each
5,000-9,999 $ 0.95 each
10,000-Up $ 0.94 each

All prices include First Class Presort Postage. Postcards are all sized 4.25”x5.5”.

Step 1
Select YOUR mailers

In the ideal scenario, you should place all of your orders up front so that they go out in a timely fashion, and you can forget about them. However, if you would rather start slow, you can always place one order, and then come back at a later time and place a second order for any mailer we sell. Note all of the prices you see as you make your choices will reflect price for the size of your list shown above. If you realize after you place your order that you wish to modify the list in any way, you will have the opportunity to do that prior to the mail drop and we can adjust the price accordingly. You will need to call us to handle that exception.

Postcards printed on Bright Yellow Astrobright paper stock so as to stand out in the mail.


You can also choose to upload your own postcard or letter design, and we can mail that as well. If you choose that option, place order for only one mailing and if you want additional mailers, we can work that out with your personally when we call to discuss your first order.

Step 2
Fill in your mailing Dates

Note you must allow 3-5 days for processing from the time you place your order for the first mail drop.

    Note the Buyers on Fire ideal schedule is as follows:

  • Mailer #1:Postcard 1Day 1
  • Mailer #2:Postcard 2Day 3
  • Mailer #3:Postcard 3Day 7
  • Mailer #4:Postcard 4Day 10
  • Mailer #5:Yellow LetterDay 14
  • Mailer #6:Business LetterDay 21
  • Mailer #7:Postcard 5Day 29

    Fill in your preferred dates: If you want to revise your list from one mailing to the next, you simply need to get us the new list (via email) 5 days prior to the scheduled mail drop date. Note these dates are goal dates, and may be forced to change due to delays on your part such as failing to approve proof in a timely fashion.

  • Mailer #1:Postcard 1Mailing Date
  • Mailer #2:Postcard 2Mailing Date
  • Mailer #3:Postcard 3Mailing Date
  • Mailer #4:Postcard 4Mailing Date
  • Mailer #5:Yellow LetterMailing Date
  • Mailer #6:Business LetterMailing Date
  • Mailer #7:Postcard 5Mailing Date

Step 3:
Fill in your imprint and
contact information

This section tells us what phone numbers, email addresses or websites that you want recipients to use to respond to your offer. We also need to know how you want the return address to read. See the examples below for the information we need from you. Just fill in the boxes on the form below. After your order is placed, you will receive an email the proof. You will have the opportunity to make changes necessary prior to the mail drop.


Use this section to upload your signature and your logo for your letters. Accpetable files formats for
upload are jpg, png, or pdf.

If you choose custom postcards or letters, paste the text for those items as well.

Minimum Order Requirements

All mailers have varying minimum order requirements. The minimum dollar amount equates to a 250 piece mailing. The reason we do this is we want you to succeed. We know from past experience that mailing less than 250 is just too small a number to garner a decent response. We want you to have the best chance of success, so make sure your list has at least 250 names or more.

Turnaround Times

You will receive a proof via email in 1-2 business days, and the mailers will be dropped in the mail in 2-3 additional business days from proof approval. You will have the opportunity to make changes to your proof before we mail if you like. We will not mail until you are happy with the proof! If for some reason you need to change the list after you place the order, you can export the list from the REISA system and email us a new list.


Quantity Ordered:

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Mailing Date :

Mailer #2: Postcard 2

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Mailer #3: Postcard 3

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Mailer #4: Postcard 4

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Mailer #5: Yellow Letter

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Mailer #6: Business Letter

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Mailer #7: Postcard 5

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